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Far in 2008 ... The desire to wear comfortable and practical shoes, which is a pleasure to the whole world, irresistibly. But in the shops to find great shoes and sneakers - is almost impossible. Especially when it comes to this original "converse." Where to buy "converse" in Russian? Almost a rhetorical question. So the idea to order shoes on EBAY auction at the time seemed almost genial. The first pair of Converse arrived from England a week later. These Converse Chuck Taylor - a classic of the genre. Low, noble forms and beautiful colors of navy, they caused admiration and awe. And these ecstatic feeling, the feeling of freedom and comfort like to share with the world.

While among netizens were very popular magazines and Liveinternet.ru Livejournal.ru - here and the first sales converse began. Sneakers were extremely popular among the youth movement "emo". With the American, British and German sites EBAY we ordered a variety of converse. They could be new or not new, but always - original, no fakes. Gradually our online magazines have regular readers and customers - are the same fans cool sports shoes, like us. And orders went.

The main idea of our magazine shop had to offer lovers of stylish shoes authentic sneakers Converse. In those days, as it is now, only sold on EBAY scripts. At the auction were presented original brands of European and American chain stores, such as how schuh.co.uk, footlocker, etc., and even if all of a sudden there were "illegals" from China and Taiwan, they almost immediately came under filters . EBAY strictly monitors the rights of proprietors of trade marks.

However, despite the strict requirements of the auction, sometimes it still appeared fake. And the lack of experience we have gained a few times it is their.Experience and thousands of shoes "Converse", passed through our hands, teach us to distinguish the authenticity of the shoe shape "rubber toe." For example, "Converse" is for children and teenagers and an adult shoe line models. Teenager collection designated as youth and adults from different collections of fullness.Not knowing these details, we made a request for the original model to the official website converse.com, and received a response. Today, you can ask us whether those original shoes "Converse", which you want to buy - no matter where you are planning to purchase (our or other online store), I will gladly help.Remember, authentic converse sneakers can be purchased only in the proven Russian and foreign online stores or on EBAY. Forget about aliexpress, alibaba, taobao and other such dubious grounds - where you do not find what you are looking for.

How much do these converse?

In the US, the price of the classic Converse - 55 USD. The Russian pair of sneakers will cost much more. Why? Converse official representative in Russia - "Amersport". The recommended retail sell for 4,900 rubles. And do not wait for sale - on the classics it is not only in the seasonal collections.

Therefore, if the Russian Internet shops offer you a discount of up to 60% for a couple of classic "converse" and sell them at the price of 2500 rubles, that is - a fake. Classic model with all the discounts can not cost less than 4890 rubles.

We would very much like to see you and your children are happy to wear the original converse. They give a wonderful feeling of lightness and freedom, are of high comfort and top quality. Of course, today the production of analogs also does not stand still, and the quality of fakes is not bad, but it's still a fake, because it accurately reproduce the design features, to use the same materials and details - it is impossible. Ask us - we can tell you a lot about counterfeits and their many forms.

Used Converse: eternal sneakers

The range of our online store, along with the new models presented used sneakers Converse - for those who know that the legendary Converse the steeper, the more scuffs on them! We have an amazing collection of Converse Well worn converse, a model specially if "polluted and shabby."

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Vintage shoes that we offer has its own recognizable style, is clearly associated with a particular era and has its own history of occurrence.

But «Vintageshoes» - multi-brand store, so in our new assortment of comfortable, fashionable and stylish sneakers from foreign manufacturers from the latest collections:

* New Classic sneakers Converse, as well as seasonal collections, including limited editions such as SUPERMAN ©, BATMAN ©, The Simpsons ©, Ozzy Osbourne and many others.

* Training shoes - for everyday life of the famous brand with a rich history and heritage of sport - Nike, New Balance, Puma, Converse, Vans and others.

For those who lead an active lifestyle, who is easy-going and aims to conquer new peaks, who gladly play sports, create your own style and follows fashion trends, for someone running shoes and gym shoes - not just sport shoes, but a way of life and the main element of the image, we set up your online store «Vintageshoes» vintage shoes.

Explore our product range, call, ask, order - we are always happy to answer your questions and offer you the best sports shoes, which is the world market.