Crocs Classic Clog kids (4-NC)

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Crocs Classic Clog kids (4-NC)
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Crocs Classic Clog kids (4-NC) provide children's feet with optimal comfort and support thanks to the innovative material Croslite ™

  • roomy fit - the most spacious roomy fit.
  • Crocs® recommends a free fit for these shoes. Your fingers should not rest against the front of the shoe. After you put your foot on the insole: you should have from 0.6 to 1.25 cm of free space in front of your toes and behind your heel, and when you lower-raise the heel strap, you should freely pass a finger between the strap and the heel.
  • Made of the patented Croslite ™ material which under the influence of body heat slightly changes its shape and perfectly adapts to your foot.
  • Anatomic insole with support of the arch of the foot and massage lines for stimulation of blood circulation, swivel heel strap for reliable fixation.
  • Vent holes for free passage of air and water.
  • Croslite ™ material is resistant to unpleasant odors, easy to clean and quickly dries.
  • Iconic Crocs Comfort ™ - feel soft support every day!
  • Non-marking and non-slip sole.
  • Crocs have proven to be durable and indestructible shoes that are very important for active kids.

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